Samir Patel

Producer - Programmer - Persistence

My name is Samir Patel I am a Senior at DigiPen Institute of Technology studying to get my BSCS in Real-Time Interactive Simulation.

With a heavy focus on programming and math I hope to achieve a better understanding of the development and production of video games. Through that knowledge I aspire to become a producer in the video game industry. 

Born on July 3rd 1988 in Southern California I spent the majority of my life there. In 2011 I moved up to Redmond, Washington to pursue my lifelong dream of being a video game developer. After working on multiple projects and growing along the way I have discovered that my passion lies in production. 

I have always loved to help people and being given the opportunity to work with brilliant people to make truly amazing products has been nothing short of awesome. I have learned so much over the past few years and can't wait to discover even more as time goes on. 

Focusing on my failures as a producer has helped me more than anything. It has made me honest, realistic, relaxed, and trustworthy. Being able to take a step back and critically analyze my surroundings has helped me immensely and is the basis of my production style.

The video games industry is massive and is filled with countless talented people and I hope one day to say that I have a place among their ranks. I will stop nothing short of being a house-hold name, and that is a guarantee.

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